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posted on July 28, 2009 06:50

The FCMQ collaborated with Tree Canada to offset the carbon dioxide emissions(CO2) produced by the snowmobiles of the participants in the Kelly Shires Breast Cancer Snow Run, held in Québec City on February 28, 2009, as well as the sleds of the participants in Safety Caravan 2009.

In Québec City, the plantation (white pine) took place on the site of Golf de la Faune du Québec, while in Sherbrooke, the plantation (white spruce) was conducted on an abandoned pasture with a view to its restoration and enhancement.

  1. The plantation sites are located close to the trails traveled by the snowmobilers.

  2. Conducted in compliance with the definition of afforestation set out in the Kyoto Protocol, the plantations will offset over one year the total carbon dioxide emissions produced during these raids.

FCMQ_Plantation_Groupe_Photo de presse Environmental benefits

  • Offset against CO2 emissions2

  • Enhanced quality of life thanks to the visual screen of trees between the Golf, the residential area and the service buildings  

  • Aménagement Responsible land-use planning

  • Sensitization in the area of environmental protection

  • Environmental protection through a diversification of plantations

  • Creation of a forest environment on a herbaceous wildland in Sherbrooke.

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